Casting Workshop with Peter Bauhuis



Lost wax casting. Casting workshop with Peter Bauhuis


Wax is the beginning. The qualities of wax allow working in an easiness and quickness which is rather unusual for those who are used to work in metal. You will explore the specific potentials of this material by means of kneading, cutting, dipping, melting, fusing, dripping – putting an emphasis on working with liquid waxes. You get introduced in basic mould-making techniques and learn various ways of creating a wax model. In a second step, the wax models will be converted into metal pieces by the technique known as lost wax casting (cire perdu).

The design process will focus on hollow configurations in jewellery and vessels. The description of volumes, surfaces and content, inside and outside, and the relationship of body to space, will serve as criteria for our work and discussions. The special characteristics and necessities of this process – preparing feeding channels, suitability of pieces for casting, melting temperatures, oxidations, colours of alloys – are key parts of the course and are taken into the process of planning and design.


making molds. casting workshop with Peter Bauhuis

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Wax tree. Casting workshop with Peter Bauhuis


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