Peter Bauhuis, Kim Buck: Short Stories
TRAGBAR, Zennettistr. 33, 80337 München 

Opening: Thursday 29.2.2024, 14.00h

Do/Thu 29.02. – Sa/Sat 02.03. 14-19h
Kim Buck No Title
Peter Bauhuis Pareidolia necklace 2023 silver, bronze, copper

„The jolly art, of making something very bright and moving; it may be horrible or pathetic or funny or profoundly illuminating…“ HG Wells on Short Stories

These characteristics of the short story genre can easily be applied to Bauhuis‘ and Buck‘s visual universe. Their jewellery is characterized by a interplay of suggestions and omissions, reduction and richness of detail.To decipher this universe of associations, allusions, and possibilities, audience participation is crucial. In return they will get stories that span a wide range, from the absurd and humorous to the existential and political.
(Jorunn Veiteberg)