Replika Rings 2016, cast bronze, fire guilded

„In a more recent project titled Replika, Bauhuis takes his archaeological thought experi- ment a step further by going over from the unwearable Gallium rings to a new set of wear- ables. The latter includes visually oversized but eminently wearable rings, cast in bronze and fire-gilded by employing an ancient Greco-Roman technique hardly known in contemporary jewellery. The result of such a technique is a dull golden sheen of the metal surface that is left unpolished in order to display the unevenness produced by this type of gold plating. Are these pieces objects in their own terms or copies of the Gallium originals? Is it possible to pirate ones own work? In connecting the Replika rings and their muted golden sheen to the earlier Gallium pieces, we find ourselves questioning our habitual ideas of authorship.“ (Pravu Mazumdar)

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