Collect 2020

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  • Februar 27, 2020
Chains and Flowers
K16, Object 2018: a potential chain
Bronze, ca 11 x 8 x 21 cm

Peter Bauhuis @ collect 2020

See the work at COLLECT Gallery S O London @craftscouncil @sumersethouse
27 Feb – 1 March at Somerset House, Strand, London.
Stand E11 @galleryso_london

If you want to wear it, it has to be cut from the tree.
You have to decide…

Chains and Flowers – K16
Object (Chain chained), 2018, bronze

object, 2019; fine silver, silver 800; 90 x 90 x 123 mm
object, 2018; fine silver, silver 800; ø 7,5 cm x 15,5 cm
object, 2016; silver800, fine silver, brass; 13 x 11,5 x 10,5 cm

Loewe Craft Prize

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  • Februar 7, 2020


Policast @ Loewe Craft Prize

Peter Bauhuis is finisher at 2020 Loewe Foundation Craft Prize

The Jury’s statement: Fascinated with the possibilities of combining and casting different metals, Bauhuis has created a series of vessels with an almost painterly quality. Breathing new life into one of the oldest techniques in metalwork, he simultaneously pours silver and brass into the mold, allowing the alloys to merge and oxidise in different colours and unruly shapes. The dynamics of the process are frozen at the moment of solidification, creating patterns that appear stratospheric.

The LOEWE FOUNDATION recently revealed the names of the 30 shortlisted artists for the 2020 edition of the LOEWE FOUNDATION Craft Prize. Each finalist’s work will be exhibited at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris from 21 May to 12 July 2020, when the overall winner will be announced. (craftprize.loewe.com)

object 2019
Silver 800, Brass
102 x 101 x h 175 mm

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