Ketten und Blumen –

Gallerie Biro

Chain chained – Object or chain 2017

thesaurus |THəˈsôrəs|
noun ( pl. thesauri |-ˈsôrī| or thesauruses )

ORIGIN late 16th cent.: via Latin from Greek  θησαυρός (thēsauros), „treasure, treasury, storehouse“

a book that lists words in groups of synonyms and related concepts,
a dictionary or encyclopedia, a cross-reference system for reference and retrieval

a series of exhibitions by Peter Bauhuis


Ketten und Blumen – Chains and Flowers

Chains and flowers. Chains that are cast in one piece. Is that possible?
The small sculptures are objects and jewellery at the same time. They are cast from silver, gold and bronze in the technique of lost shape. On closer inspection, the trees in various colurs turn out to be large-looped chains cast in one piece. You have to cut  them from the object tree, to put the resulting jewellery around your neck.
The object has the potential to the chain, the portable chain carries the memory of its origin. The chains have a great graphical conciseness, are  at the same time geometric and floral.

Thesaurus – CHAINS AND FLOWERS; 10.3. – 29.4. 2017; Galerie Biro

Korinthische Bronze, Nordisches Gold – Corinthian Bronze, Nordic Gold

Policast, vessel 2016

Peter Bauhuis confronts new and old alloys in his 2 new series of vessels: POLICAST and Nordic Gold – Corinthian Bronze.

Thesaurus – NORDIC GOLD, CORINTHIAN BRONZE; 10.3. – 18.3. 2017; Galerie Biró at Galerie Jordanow

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