Brooches and pendants cast in the pre-columbian tumbaga alloy
brought to colour with depletion gilding


The Flavedo pieces

Flavedo is the biological term for the coloured peel of citrus fruits.
Faces are pulled out. They dry and deform, then they are cast.
Masks from Central and South America were made in the same alloys.
Golden they looked at the greedy Spanish Conquistadors until they got melted.
„Tumbaga!“ („Copper!“) must have been the cry of disappointment and realization
when the colonial robbers found out that this is not pure gold!
The word has been retained to this day as a term for gold-containing copper alloys.
By heating and etching, the gold reaches the surface. Flavedo laughs.



Peter Bauhuis
6 brooches, 2018
Tumbaga, depletion gilding