casting class in 2020: 31 Aug – 4 Sept

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  • August 8, 2019

Wax Course in Munich with Peter Bauhuis

Next Workshop 2020: 31 Aug – 4 Sept

Wax Course and Casting
Studio Peter Bauhuis, Munich
Intensive days in the Peter’s studio in central Munich
– Summer in Munich!!

let us know if you are interested and we will inform you about all details.

31 Aug – 4 Sept. Please contact us, if you are interested

The course takes place in my spacious studio very close to the centre of Munich, between main station and Museum Quarter.
A nice surrounding with cafés, restaurants and shops, the next beergarden is just over the street!

The small group allows intense exchange and very indivdual mentoring for each participant.

23. – 26. Oct. 2017; Brooklyn Metal Works

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  • Oktober 20, 2017

From the Fathomless World of Infinite Mystery & Unearthly Beauty!  Which Man has yet to Discover! 


INCREDIBLE STRANGE OBJECT (I.S.O.) – also unconnected foreign object; an object that cannot be identified and classified immediately. Someone made it; but to what purpose? Its former user may have known the answer; its maker certainly would have. Lacking any acquaintance with its application and therefore unaware of its purpose, the finder is mystified and intrigued by this unknown entity so close at hand. Perhaps its details suggest a technical function – or a ritual animus? The desire to solve the puzzle runs deep.

(And can we make those things ourselves?)


Admiration has always been one of the driving forces behind collecting. Collecting, collating and trying to identify ‘things’ in the first museums and wunderkammers of European courts were no exception. These cabinets of curiosity exhibited a mixture of opposing attitudes: acquisitiveness, pride and boastfulness, as well as a humble admiration for the wonders of the world. With a substantial demand for universality, they connected the things found with objects made, were always in praise of the special and full of amazement and respect towards the peculiar. It is all about how and why anything is at all connected to anything else.


The result of the four day ISO workshop can be a very personal cabinet of wonders created by the participants. They reflect on the appearance and meaning of incredibly strange things, admire their nameless beauty, and take this as an inspiration and starting point for making new things alongside the invented stories. To connect these findings with the big narration machine, which is the City, will be the great challenge.

October 23 – 26

28. – 30. July 2017; Zuerich: I.S.O.

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  • Mai 24, 2017

Die Dinge,  ihre Geschichten – und das Staunen

I.S.O. Incredible Strange Object

Ein Gegenstand, der nicht sofort erkannt und eingeordnet werden kann. Uns Findern bleibt sein Sinn verborgen, und wir staunen über das unbekannte Ding. Ein Workshop über Science und Fiction, über Wahrnehmung, Findung und Erfindung der Wahrheit (oder der Wirklichkeit?), darüber wie wir Dinge betrachten und beschreiben.

Wir finden, sammeln, fertigen, fälschen unglaublich merkwürdige Dinge und erzählen ihre Geschichten.
– und umgekehrt!



I.S.O. – Incredibile Strange Object

On things and their stories – and wonder

An object which defies immediate identification and classification. Its meaning is concealed to us, the seekers, and we marvel at the mysterious article. A workshop on Science and Fiction, on perception, discovery and the search for truth (or reality?), where we consider and describe objects.

We discover, collect, fabrikate and fake incredibly strange things and narrate their story.
(and vice versa)



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The Gallium Treasure of Obertraun
600 B.C.
collection of finger- arm- and neckrings
made out of gallium, which melts under 30°C

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