Silber 800, Feinsilber
ø8 x 20 cm

Policast @ Galerie Ra

Peter Bauhuis


29.06.19 – 02.08.19

Eröffnung | opening:  29. June 2019, 18.00h
Galerie Ra
Nes 120
1012 KE Amsterdam
The Netherlands

+31 20 6265100

Wed-Sat 12-18 hrs


Two artist’s show:
Manon van Kouswijk – A Jewellery Playbook – ACT 3
Peter Bauhuis – Policast

more: https://www.galerie-ra.nl/en/manon-van-kouswijk-peter-bauhuis

POLICAST: Casting is the connecting link with three recent groups of work Peter will be showing:

The Policast vessels are simultaneously poured with more than one metal into the mold. One of the Policast vessels has recently received the Schoonhoven Silver Award.  The Flavedo pieces are based on pulled, dried and cast tangerine peel. These face-shaped brooches are made from tumbaga, a copper-gold material that was used for Pre-Columbian masks and objects from Central America and South America. Chains and Flowers – chained and unchained. A chain is cast in one pour, forming a fascinating plant-like structure with the potential to be ‘unchained’ and set free. But there is no going back.